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Welcome house

It's awkwardly quiet in this house. Or actually, in me. The house in which I reside now feels familiar. I like the decoration, I know how stuff works and where everything is. Well yes, because it is my own house. I am back home and
September 24, 2015/by estherbe

The Eden Project

Enter the botanical garden. The biggest indoor tropical garden in the world. My little chance to visit the jungle without leaving the UK. Should I cover myself with Deet? Do I take my machete along?
September 14, 2015/by estherbe

Home is the details

It has been three months now and I've slept in 16 different beds thus far. I've booked the tickets for the return journey, yet that is still another month away. More and more I long for my own space. It's hidden
August 22, 2015/by estherbe

Outside my Box

I had plans. To travel to Wales, Cornwall, Yorkshire maybe even. So many beautiful places to visit. So many people to meet. Adventures waiting to fulfil my wanderlust.
August 10, 2015/by estherbe


In the left corner of a porch is a blue folding chair in which I sit, on the other side the wet newspapers on the floor cover the mud. There is a half opened bin bag with the remains of food, used wet-wipes and other unidentified items. Between my legs I hold
August 3, 2015/by estherbe


It was just a stop over, somewhere in North-France. Very practical, not to drive myself wasted. I just needed a bed and internet for one night. That's all I needed.
July 14, 2015/by estherbe

Omdat het kan

- Zo, dus waar gaan we precies heen? Waar leidt dit allemaal toe?

- You'll see.

- Ja, hehe. Ben je altijd zo gevat?

- Aren't you too? We are pretty much the same, you know?
July 8, 2015/by estherbe

Welcome to your house

Eight beds I have slept in so far. And in all houses I've felt welcome and comfortable. All beds slept well. I didn't need much time to get used to the sounds of the house and the street, to the daily routines and household habits of my hosts.
July 2, 2015/by estherbe


"Will you go on your own?" the acquaintance asks me full disbelieve. His hands rest on the Freebird.
"Yes, alone" I respond ... and continue my story.
He nods and listens, politely lets me finish me story an then asks "So, you're going alone? Really?"
"Erh, yes..." I pretend it is nothing unusual.
June 14, 2015/by estherbe

Family life

"She is scary."

The first week I stay with a good friend of mine. Her four-year-old has just returned from school and sits close to her mother on the other side of the large couch. She doesn't dare to look at me.
June 9, 2015/by estherbe

Happy Traylor

May 27, 2015/by estherbe

Count down

One more week. Count down has started. It seems endlessly far away and utterly close. I get nervous when I look at my calendar. My to-do list is shorter, but not gone. I keep on adding stuff.
May 19, 2015/by estherbe