Travel far…

…travel light. But enough.

My most valuable possession – and my biggest burden – is my house. A cosy ’30’s house with an underwater mortgage and wobbly foundation. Quite a worry for a freelancer in Art and Culture. And it is my house, my place, my home. I like to be there, I feel good in my house. Within one month and my house won’t be my home anymore for three months. Somebody else will live in it, paying my monthly bills. Freedom. Home gone.

It fits my need to live a lighter life. Why do we need possessions? I sold my old Wii Game console and empty rat cage. I gave away my old clothes and knick-knacks. My – unread – books are still there, as are my CD’s, pictures, drawings and other nostalgia. I am bound to matter. But what do I really need, and why? What makes a house a home? And, can I bring my home with me on my journey?

This is not a trip to exotic places for uploading fancy Facebook images. It is perhaps more an inward journey, towards realisation of passion and dreams, because wise people say: ‘Follow your bliss…’ But what do they actually mean? A trip to work, enjoy, contemplate, find, meet, create, experience, and above all, to be.

This coming month I will prepare myself for this trip: the house has to be ready, my endless to-do-list must end, some kind of preliminary plan must be made. And, I have to buy stuff… again. How odd, to leave all my stuff behind I have to buy new stuff.

So let’s make another list…